Evil Noobs game studio presents WARSCRAP

Inspired by games like Warframe, Firefall, and Halo; Warscrap explores a new approach to the trending .io game genre taking the web by storm!

Warscrap offers a unique cooperative focused gameplay style with light pvp. Join the battle against the relentless invading machine army and a player-driven rogue faction. You defend your base and several core reactors with up to 10 other players in your region. Compete for the highest rank on the leaderboard, and earn cores to unlock additional items and weapons to aid in your fight against all who stand in your way!

Visit Warscrap.io to Join and Play for Free!

About Evil Noob

Evil Noob, LLC is an independent game development studio based in Miami, Florida. Our team consists of passionate and dedicated talents with fresh ideas! We enjoy fusing game mechanics and producing original titles for a casual to mid-core player base. For more information, please contact: hello@evilnoob.com

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Laggy as heck, man!

Great work, it's a pretty relaxing game for me. I uploaded some gameplay to youtube with a link back to here:

sweet thank you soo much! I will check it out!! ^_^